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House Clearance

There are many circumstances when the contents of a property need to be completely cleared of furniture and other personal effects but whatever these are, the objective is likely to be the same

That is, to complete the task with minimum fuss, in the most speedy, efficient, profitable and cost effective means possible, in readiness to sell/let or otherwise dispose of the accommodation

At Amersham Auction Rooms, we fully understand what needs to be done and have the professional experience, expertise and contacts to ease you through the process, be it in respect of a one bedroomed flat, a family house or landed estate

You may well, of course, have already considered two recognised alternatives:

Option One – “Do it Yourself”

This can take considerable time and resources; probably more than you think and it will involve some hard physical work, as you will need to sift through everything, find suitable transport, whether that means hiring a vehicle or employing a transport company, to take items to an auction house, charity shops or the local tip

It also requires an element of knowledge about prevailing values, to ensure when later selling on eBay or at boot fairs, that nothing is overlooked, undersold or dumped, when it might have been of significant worth

Finally, there will be tidying and sweeping up to be done at the property

Option Two – “A Man with a Van”

You could hire a man with a van who will do a lot of it for you - but at a cost

He will almost certainly be a dealer, working for himself and not for you. He will either charge a fixed fee, depending on the size of the property, or if you are lucky, he may pay you a small cash consideration – but either way, he keeps everything and you don’t benefit from any profits made on selling your goods…..and furthermore, you will inevitably still need to clean and sweep up afterwards

Option Three – “Amersham Auction Rooms”

Neither of the first two options offer the undoubted advantages of instructing Amersham Auction Rooms who will organise everything… including, where agreed, cleaning up and sweeping out!

As an Auction House, we work for you, on a commission basis; so the more we can make for you, the more we earn ourselves

Our Valuers have the in-depth knowledge to be able to advise on the worth of items and will recommend the best course of action with regard to selling at auction. They will also recommend how best to handle the disposal of anything of no commercial value and where appropriate, may suggest that some of these could be consigned to a charities. Indeed, it is that experience which often helps us to identify a surprisingly large number of ‘finds’ which go on to sell for a lot more than the owners thought

We have been clearing properties for clients over many years and in that time have built up a portfolio of reputable tradespeople with whom we work, to most effectively complete the task. These include Clarks of Amersham who are often engaged to undertake packing and transport and where necessary, they will also handle the distribution of items which are being retained, to family, beneficiaries or others

Barrie Twyman is the House Clearance team leader. He recognises every instruction is different and the need for understanding and guidance at a time when clients are often experiencing considerable stress. He takes personal charge when co-ordinating everything and is the principal contact

For initial, free advice, call Barrie on: 01494 729292
Or email him at:


Frequently Asked Questions
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Why Amersham Auction Rooms, rather than any other?
Because we believe we are the best qualified to undertake the task!
We are a progressive company but still a family business, established back in 1877: since when, successive generations of professional Valuers have been advising owners and personal representatives on matters relating to the management and disposal of an almost unending variety of chattels and other personal property, ranging from important antiques and collectable items, to modern, routine household furnishings and domestic effects
I am dealing with my late father's property in Windsor. Are Amersham Auction Rooms prepared and able to deal with the clearance?
Our Valuer's routinely accept instructions throughout the Home Counties, Greater London and beyond - and would therefore regard Windsor as a local instruction!
I am an executor for an Estate. Will Amersham Auction Rooms accept my instructions to clear a property and supply duplicated information for others also to acting or otherwise authorised to receive the same -which will include my fellow executors, two members of the deceased gentleman's family and the appointed solicitors?
We regularly act for executors and professional representatives and where necessary, we will provide whatever is required by way of duplicated information
Are Amersham Auction Rooms able to provide a formal written probate Valuation before a property is cleared and what is the likely cost of this exercise?
Yes. However, as each instruction is necessarily different and much will depend upon the physical size of the accommodation and extent of the furniture and other personal property, it is not possible to provide any more than a rough guide as to costs - but £300-£600 plus VAT is the average 'current going rate' for a three or four bedroomed house. Click here for mor information on our Probate Services
At what point should I make contact with Amersham Auction Rooms for advice about clearing a property?
At the point you decide to proceed, even if it is just for a preliminary, exploratory discussion; because the Valuer's initial, free of charge appraisal and advice will usually determine how best to most effectively handle the task from the outset
What are the costs involved when Amersham Auction Rooms are appointed to deal with a house clearance?
The Auctioneers are paid on a commission basis, charged on the prices realised at auction. This includes preliminary advice, verbal pre-auction valuations, cataloguing and attendant services. In addition, packing/ transport, disposal of rubbish and cleaning (where necessary) are additional expenses but the Auctioneers will always obtain and agree these costs with you before contractors are instructed
What happens to items considered to be of negligible or no commercial value and rubbish?
The Auctioneers will often advise that some items could be consigned to a recognised charity. The remainder will be despatched to the nearest local authority waste disposal centre
How will I know which items are to be sold by auction?
The Auctioneers will not act without pre-agreed instructions and will discuss how best to deal with all items before proceeding. Goods entered for auction will be catalogued and illustrated in appropriate General or Specialist catalogues and detailed settlement statements will identify individual lot prices realised. As to the remainder, they will usually undertake to send as much as possible to suitable charities before the balance goes to the local waste disposal centre
How do Amersham Auction Rooms promote items offered for sale?
Promotion is on a worldwide basis with each and every catalogue providing full descriptions and illustrations of individual lots. These catalogues are available as a printed text but more importantly, they are posted on this website and extensive mailing lists also keep specialist buyers informed. In addition, the catalogues are published by the-sale, an internationally operated online, live bidding platform for absentee bidders




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